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Bantam Studios
Brooklyn, NY

Bantam Studios is the home of "Booze Violin and Booze Guitar", low-cost group violin and group guitar classes and lessons for adult beginners.

Founded in 2012 by Ginger Dolden and Pete Lanctot, Bantam Studios is a haven for a cross collaboration of Music, Graphic Arts, Creative Consulting and Music Education.

Winter 2018 (Jan - Mar)


First Class: Sunday January 21, 2018
Last Class: Wednesday March 15, 2018

Beginner Recital: March 17, 3pm @ Littlefield
Advanced Recital: March 19, 8pm @ South Oxford Space

Registration Deadlines:

January 15, 2018 If you need a rental
January 19, 2018 if you’re bringing your own instrument.

Ukulele Super Advanced: Winter 2018

sold out

Ukulele Super Advanced: Winter 2018

from 200.00

Summary: Ukulele Super Advanced  is designed for students who have completed the Intermediate Ukulele course or who have 24 weeks of previous ukulele experience.

Techniques Covered: Chords across multiple positions, how to learn and memorize new music quickly.

Song/Piece: New song every week!

Required for class is a soprano or concert ukulele in playable condition (has working tuners, accurate intonation and low action). A ukulele is provided in the rental option or you can provide your own. 

If you don't own your own instrument we recommend that you rent one through Bantam Studios. We source the highest quality student instruments.

Class Dates: TUE, Jan 23 - Mar 13
Class Time: 8:15p - 9:15p
Teacher: Rick Snell
Recital: Monday, March 19, South Oxford Space

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