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Bantam Studios
Brooklyn, NY

Bantam Studios is the home of "Booze Violin and Booze Guitar", low-cost group violin and group guitar classes and lessons for adult beginners.

Founded in 2012 by Ginger Dolden and Pete Lanctot, Bantam Studios is a haven for a cross collaboration of Music, Graphic Arts, Creative Consulting and Music Education.

Violin Technique Workshop

Winter 2018 (Jan - Mar)


First Class: Sunday January 21, 2018
Last Class: Wednesday March 15, 2018

Beginner Recital: March 17, 3pm @ Littlefield
Advanced Recital: March 19, 8pm @ South Oxford Space

Registration Deadlines:

January 15, 2018 If you need a rental
January 19, 2018 if you’re bringing your own instrument.

Violin Technique Workshop


Violin Technique Workshop

from 25.00

Summary: Violin Technique Workshop is a class that will focus on one specific technique per class. 

This is not an introductory class, students must be at Intermediate+ level to register for the workshops.

Pricing: We are offering two different rates for the Violin Technique Workshop:

For Bantam Studios Students Currently Registered for Violin Classes:
$25 Drop-in (One class)
$50 All Access (come to as many classes as you want)

For Students who ARE NOT Currently Registered for Violin Classes:
$50 Drop-in (One class)
$100 All Access (come to as many classes as you want)

All Access students will be guaranteed a seat and drop-in students will be admitted on a first-come first-serve basis.

Techniques Covered:

WEEK 1: Bow Hold Review (Intermediate+)
WEEK 2: Bow Arm + Violin Posture (Intermediate+)
WEEK 3: 3rd Position Shifting (Advanced+)
WEEK 4: Two Octave Scales: G, A, C, D (Advanced+)
WEEK 5: Quick and light left hand fingers (Intermediate+)
WEEK 6: Long beautiful tones (Intermediate+)
WEEK 7: Vibrato (Advanced+)
WEEK 8: Slurred Scales + Bowing Patterns (Advanced+)

Required for class is a full-sized violin in playable condition (can stay in tune, and has a fitted bridge) and a working bow and shoulder rest.  Shoulder rests can be purchased on the first day of class for $15.

Class Dates: WED, Jan 24 - Mar 14
Class Time: 8:15p - 9:15p
Teacher: Ginger Dolden + Pete Lanctot

Current Bantam Studios Student:
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