Bantam Studios' banjo program covers five string clawhammer style banjo and gives adult students who have never touched a mandolin before an opportunity to explore the wide range of playing opportunities on the instrument. This one-year course is designed to teach students the necessary skills to join the Bantam Studios Folk jam.

BANJO Beginner
Course Level 101

Banjo beginner is an introductory course designed to introduce students to the 5-string banjo via the Clawhammer banjo technique that is used in "Old-Time-Appalachian" music. Students will learn everything from the ground up, including how to hold the banjo, how to tune it, and the parts of the instrument. There will be a strong focus on creating a solid right hand technique to start, after which students will learn left hand techniques such as slides, hammer-ons, and pull-offs. Students can expect to be able to play melodies and chords on the banjo by the end of the 8 week course. Throughout the class there will be listening sessions to hear so students can hear the application of clawhammer banjo, and to develop an understanding of the history of the instrument and it's notable players.

Banjo Intermediate
Course Level 102

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Banjo Advanced
Course Level 103

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