Electric Bass

ELECTRIC Bass Beginner
Course Level 101

Electric Bass Beginner is an introductory course that teaches the basic set-up fundamentals of playing the electric bass. At the end of this 8-week course students will have learned how to hold the bass, develop a solid, consistent bass tone, learn alternating right hand plucking techniques, play the G Major Scale in first position, learn how to read a lead sheet, develop a basic vocabulary of grooves and rhythms for bass lines, use the electronics of the bass and amp to shape volume and tone, learn bass lines for Saint Louis Blues and My Girl, and will perform Come Together from memory at the recital. Students will learn about famous bass players with notable careers in a short lecture at the beginning of each class.

Techniques Covered: 
G Major Scale in first position, Fretting and Left Hand Technique, Alternating Plucking and Right Hand Technique, Basic Rhythmic Notation, Instrument Tuning, Instrument Care, "Root-5" Bass Lines, Hammer-ons, How to play in time with a group.

ELECTRIC Bass Intermediate
Course Level 102

Electric Bass Intermediate is an intermediate course that takes students who have a basic setup through an introduction of chordal harmony in bass lines and developing a solid understanding of rhythmic notation. Over the course of 8-weeks students will have opportunities to learn how to play with a pick, learn to read and feel 16th notes and syncopations, learn ubiquitous bass lines based on major chords and scales, and will perform I Want You Back at the recital. This class is focused on expanding the basic technique that was built in Beginner I as it hones in on long-tone production and mastering time and established rhythm exercises. 

Techniques Covered:
Transposable A Major Scale, "Root, 3rd, 5th" and "Walking" Bass Lines, Shifting, Reading 16th Notes and Syncopations. 

ELECTRIC Bass Advanced
Course Level 103

Electric Bass Advanced focuses on learning a repertoire of multiple songs and developing skills to learn, compose and improvise bass lines quickly Students will perform The Weight by The Band at the recital. Students will learn how to apply the Major and Pentatonic Scales, Chords, and Arpeggios learned in this class to learn bass lines for the semester's repertoire and to compose bass lines of their own over lead sheets. This course is also designed for students who want to join Jam Ensemble (a 104 level class) after this class. 

Techniques Covered:
Major Scales in Three Transposable Positions, Major Arpeggios in Two Transposable Positions, Transposable Minor Pentatonic Scales, Speed Learning Bass Lines by Ear.

After Electric Bass Advanced, students can continue onto the following 104 level classes:
Jam Ensemble (104+ Level)


Upright Bass

Upright Bass Beginner
Course Level 102

Upright Bass Beginner is an introductory course designed for the student who has never touched an upright bass before, but has had some experience playing bass guitar.  Students will learn to play the upright bass in a fun and musical way by playing along with recordings that utilize a specific technique that was covered in each week's class. Classes will aim to simulate real life bass playing music making scenarios. Due to the awesome size of this instrument, ample time will also be made in this course to discuss the physicality of playing the upright bass (posture, picking the bass up, balancing the bass), as well as the logistics of being responsible for an upright bass while traversing and living in NYC (how to pack and unpack the bass, where to keep it in your apartment, how to ride the subway with the bass, which cabs are bass friendly, etc.). Techniques and concepts covered will include pizzicato right hand technique, introduction to the bow (French bow), solid time keeping, basic harmony, major scales in 1st, 2nd, and 1/2 position. Students will gain knowledge of the history of the upright bass and various styles of playing it through a brief listening session and lecture that will take place at the beginning of class. 

Upright Bass Intermediate
Course Level 103

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Upright Bass Advanced
Course Level 104

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