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Bantam Studios
Brooklyn, NY

Bantam Studios is the home of "Booze Violin and Booze Guitar", low-cost group violin and group guitar classes and lessons for adult beginners.

Founded in 2012 by Ginger Dolden and Pete Lanctot, Bantam Studios is a haven for a cross collaboration of Music, Graphic Arts, Creative Consulting and Music Education.

Chamber Strings I

Chamber Strings Beginner I: Handel Syllabus

Pete Lanctot

Welcome to Beginning Chamber!

Here you will find recordings, sheet music, and guidelines for getting the most out of this class.

Here are some general guidelines that everyone will benefit from and will make the most of our rehearsal time:

- Commit to preparing the material. It’s my goal that you get the most out of this class possible for yourself.  Preparation is key for this.
Practice scales, fingerings, bowings, rhythm and entrances. Listen to the recording, and play along slowly to a metronome. Practice specific things we went over in class. Try to practice daily if you can - as tall an order as that may seem, it’s simply the best guarantee to getting the results you want. Don’t worry, we all struggle with practicing that much!  I will not make you guilty (and you shouldn’t make yourself guilty) if that doesn’t happen.  Shoot for it anyway and you’ll appreciate how many more days you will likely practice because of it.

- Be ready on time. Get to the space 10 minutes early so you can settle in and be ready.  Have your music out, instrument set up, and a pencil. If you come in late, not a problem; enter the room and set up quietly.  I’ll come over and tune you if need be when I have a pause in teaching.

- Side chatting is minimal and constructive, questions are concise. Sometimes you need to communicate with your stand partner or section leader, and I encourage you to do so.  Keep your volume low and conversation minimum.  Try not to talk when other people are playing.

- If you have a question, ask it. Can’t figure out a fingering? Or bowing? Lost? Don’t be afraid to ask! I guarantee you someone else has the same question.  I’ll do my best to answer your questions in class.  If it’s a more involved answer, I want to commit to explaining it thoroughly, and may tell you I’ll answer it within the week in an email or phone call.  

- Can’t make a class? No worries, just let me know.  Email me ahead of time or text me if it’s short notice.  

- Don’t like this? No worries, just let me know. Sometimes there’s a roadblock for you that doesn’t seem movable. Luckily you have me as a coach. :) I’m here for you and want to help you with anything you have going on - even if it’s a matter with me!  Let’s talk about it so you can get what you want out of this class.

The Performance:

Performing is about confidence, energy and endurance. Be proud and satisfied of the work you’ve put in.  A few pointers in the days leading up to performance:

  • Don’t over-practice.  Focus on the very, very specific parts that trip you up or feel weird.  
  • Run through sections of the piece, but not the entire thing. All material you run through should sound like a performance - energetic, loud and confident!  
  • Envision your audience, the stage lights, the whole shebang. Visualize giving the best performance you’ve ever given. :) The more you can visualize it, the more comfortable and fun it will be the day of!  

PDF: Handel violin 1

PDF: Handel violin 2

PDF: Handel cello

PDF: Handel score