Cello Advanced

Cello Advanced: Week #2

Week 2:


A scale, shift exercises, bow patterns We reviewed all techniques from last week.  Hopefully you’re gaining some comfort in the A maj extensions, shifting, and most of the bow exercises.  Hone in on any that are giving you trouble, and speed up the easier ones.


2nd position ext ex We learned an exercise for extending in 2nd position.

Each of these help develop the backwards extension in the first finger.  As in the Bb scale from last week, the minus sign indicates a backwards extension.  

Minuet: Hard part

We looked at m. 17 in Minuet, which uses 2nd position extension. It’s the trickiest technical part of the piece, so better to get a head start!  This week, drill the 2nd position exercises before attempting this excerpt.

Here’s a recording of that. I play through it four times:

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Cello Advanced: Week #1

Goals for the week

Warm Up: Long Tones, D, G, C Scales
Scale: Bb
Technique: Extensions
Repertoire: N/A


Today we worked on the Bb major scale, to continue developing extensions. We also worked on shifting the left hand into 2nd position and playing an exercise there. 2nd position occurs when you’ve moved your hand down the cello neck so your first finger is placed where the 2nd finger was in our original position, a.k.a. first position. We also worked on various bowing patterns that are relevant to Minuet no. 3. See the charts below for all exercises.

Assignment for next week

This week’s assignment is to review basic technique, practice the Bb scale and bowing patterns featured in the technique chart.

How to Practice this at home

Warm up with any and all of the long tones and scales we’ve covered in various speeds and bowing patterns.

Charts + Sheet Music + Diagrams

Exercise worksheet PDF

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