Cello Advanced II

Cello Advanced II: Week 1

Review: C Major scale - slurs, hooked bows

Welcome back!  We reviewed the C major scale, with bow variations.  Play the notes separately, then 2, 3, and 4 to bow, and 2 hooked bows. For reference, attached is a worksheet with these variations.

C major scales and Bowings

A minor, 2 octaves

We learned the A minor scale, 2 octaves.  Attached is a worksheet and recording. These fingerings help us learn 4th position and the A harmonic, which we use frequently in our song, “La Cinquantaine.” This shift can become quite natural over time, because we literally allow our left hand to drop against the shoulder of the cello.  You can even listen for a “smack” the side of your hand will make. Tune the first finger in 4th position by playing it as a harmonic.  The highest note on the scale (A) is played as a harmonic with the 4th finger.  Simply extend your fingers down the string and touch the harmonic with your pinky. Your bow should be light and a medium to fast speed.

A minor scales

La Cinquantaine

We started working on La Cinquantaine this week.  (note: there are some hand-written bowings included in this copy - please disregard them)