Cello Advanced II

Cello Advanced II: Week 3

Week 3:


A minor, Moon over ruined castle, La Cinq

We reviewed the A minor scale and all new materials from last week. See last week’s notes. You can look ahead to 9-16, which is an almost exact repetition of 1-8, except for the last note (first finger on D in 4th position).  It’s the same pitch as the eighth note before, so listen that they match!

Trill exercise:

We worked on trill exercises.  Trills are fast, repeated notes a step apart, and are indicated by the note tr. with a wavy line over the note to be trilled. Fundamentally, evenness is more important than speed. Practice the drills on this week’s exercise sheet to develop dexterity.  Check in with your hand to make sure it is relaxed.  The pressure will be rooted in your first finger while your second finger comes up and down lightly, like it’s tapping the string. You can practice this motion by placing your first and second finger on a table and tapping your second finger repeatedly and evenly. The grace notes are executed in the same manner.  

Practice La Cinq this week incorporating the grace notes and trills.

PDF: Trill drills

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