Cello Advanced II

Cello Advanced II: Week 4

Week 4:


Hooks, trills, La Cinq 1-8

We reviewed trills and the first 8 measures with trills and grace notes included.

La Cinq mm 9-16:

This is exactly the same material as the beginning, with the exception of the last note.  As you grow more comfortable, incorporate the dynamics. Practice the crescendi and decrescendi - they only occur over one or two notes, so this will be pretty specific, isolated work at first.   

Exercise: 2nd, 3rd, 4th positions

We worked on some drills to strengthen shifting in these three positions. These are a great supplement to the piece, however it’s not required that you learn them.

La Cinquantaine, mm. 17-24:

We learned mm. 17-24.  Remember that 4-to-a-bow hooked bowing exercise?  Use it this week! For measures 19 and 23, play a full bow on the first half of the measure.  Then you’ll be on the tip of the bow for the second half. This passage is generally easier if you use large, broad bow strokes.  


PDF: Shifts Page 1


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