Cello Advanced II

Cello Advanced II: Week 7

Week 7:

Review 25-31

Whole song, run-through. We’re focusing on musicality for the remainder of the session.  The supplemental material I’ve given throughout the session is designed for you to lock down the technical development of the piece.  Understand that in music, technique is always a means to an end, and exists to serve the music - we can’t express without it, but it in and of itself will not make the music effective and capativating. Practicing “musicality” - adding drama and feeling to the music - takes as much practice as technique (if not more). You have to be willing to let go a little as you play, and live in the character of the music.  It’s an intuitive and emotional approach to playing.

To me, this piece is flirty and dramatic - the more exaggerated the dynamics, cresc./decresc, and articulations, the better. I can picture Sofia Vergara from Modern Family during this piece - an absolute firecracker of a character!  Use whatever images or emotions works for you.  Make it personal.

Ginger DoldenComment