Cello Advanced III

Cello Advanced III: Week #1

Week #1


1. J.S. Bach Minuet I from Cello Suite in G Major (Goal tempo is ¼ note =76)

2. W.H. Squire ‘Tarentella’ 

3.  ‘What a Wonderful World” by Weiss/Thiele arr. by Jillian Blythe for 3 cellos

Overall Course goals:

To build and expand on techniques and skills you already have. Explore ensemble playing and develop a more refined sound. Play in more advanced time signatures and rely on music-reading skills. Think about sound development, phrasing and making special moments. Getting to the point where you are able to sit down and play with friends.

Technical goals:

Metronome use and practicum, trills, chords, melodic minor, sight reading, cello ensemble, thumb position

Week # 1 (Caleigh Substitute)

List of Goals for the week:

Warm Up: 

Scale: C and G 

Technique: sight reading/note reading/identifying time signatures/key signatures

Repertoire: First 8 measures of Bach’s Minuet I in G Major.

Paragraph summary of what was covered in class

Worked on note reading and identifying music markings like key signatures, time signatures, etc. 

We worked on plucking with our left hand Minuet I measures 1-8.

Assignment for next week

Review the first 8 bars of Minuet I for next week. Get to the point where you can clap through the rhythm of the first 8 measures, three times in a row, without stopping or second guessing yourself. Take notice of the markings in the music like bowings and fingerings to keep familiarizing yourself with the notation.


‘Tarentella’ (copy/paste into your browser)


Bach Minuet I (copy/paste into your browser)