Cello Advanced III

Cello Advanced III: Week #6

Week 6: 

List of Goals for the week:

Warm Up: Bow exercises, play with a drone on a “G” for 3-5 minutes(set a timer!). Listen to the quality of sound you are making and focus on weight instead of pressure in the right hand.

Scale: C major two octaves

Technique: Playing in an ensemble, practice management.

Repertoire: “What a Wonderful World”, “Tarantella”, Run Through of Bach Minuet Part I & work on last 9 measures.

Paragraph summary of what was covered in class

We split the class in two groups and ran the parts of the Bach that we are familiar with.

We looked at more of What a Wonderful World and switched parts.

We looked at and talked about the last 9 measures of the Bach Minuet.

Assignment for next week

Take a look at all the “What a Wonderful World” parts if you have time. They are all similar levels of difficulty. This piece is meant to be an opportunity for you all to play a piece together, so the technical part isn’t very challenging. Think about sound production, smooth bow changes, and any other personal technical habits that we’ve been working on so far.

Work on tempos in the un-famliar sections of Bach (roughly measure 16- end)

After you spend some time putting together unfamliar sections,see if you can play through the whole Bach. I recommend doing this on a different day so you give your brain a little time to soak up your practice.

That being said, since it’s still relatively new, don’t feel pressured to turn the metronome on and play the entire thing through perfectly. Instead, attempt to play it all the way through knowing that you’re not going to keep a steady tempo. The first time you try to play it all the way through, your main goal is to KEEP GOING without stopping. Allow yourself to slow down to think, but try not to stop. If you miss a shift, or an up-bow, thats ok! Try to make it all the way through, even if you have to stutter a little bit.

If you have time, identify sections that gave you the most trouble when you tried to play it through and isolate 2-4 measures at a time for practice. 

How to Practice this at home 

Utilize any methods that we have discussed so far.

Favorites for Tempo increase are:

  1. Downbeat Only exercise

  2. Left hand on its own

  3. Right hand on its own

Favorites for detangling confused fingerings and string crossings

  1. Right hand only (3 x’s)

  2. Left hand only (3 x’s)

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