Cello Beginner II

Cello Beginner II: Week #1

Week #1

List of Goals for the week:

Warm Up: Long tones

Scale: D, G, C major (two octaves)

Technique: Slurs (2 notes to a bow)

Paragraph summary of what was covered in class

We reviewed posture and bow hold, reviewed D major scale and introduced G and C major scales.  We also introduced slurs (connecting 2 or more notes on one bow) by playing the scales two notes to a bow

Assignment for next week

Review basic posture (see review below) and form, using the scales and slur technique we practiced at home.

How to Practice this at home

Review the chart below for posture and hand positions. Watch yourself in a mirror. Warm up on long tones and scales before trying the slurred bows.  While slurring, challenge yourself by both repeating and not repeating the top note of the scales.


File_000 (4).jpeg