Cello Beginner II

Cello Beginner II: Week #2

Week #2

List of Goals for the week:

Warm Up: C major scale, slurred

Scale: D, G, C

Technique: Shifting, note reading

Paragraph summary of what was covered in class

We learned to read the notes on A string in music notation.  We also learned to shift from first position on the A string (4th finger on D) to 2nd position (4th finger on E)

Assignment for next week

Memorize the notes on A by name and placement on staff line.  Refer to the chart below. Practice the pentascale from A->E.

How to Practice this at home

Say the notes as you play them.  Say them out loud as you read them on the staff line as well. Try them backwards and at random to challenge your memory.  The pentascale is a five notes scale, starting on open A and ending on E. Fingerings are: A0, B1, C2, D4, E4 - and back. When shifting to E, hear the E in your mind before you shift.  Pause the bow and smoothly float your left hand and arm down to 2nd position to play E. Keep your fingers on the string, lightly gliding down. Reverse the movement to get back to D4, and float your arm and hand up.  Isolate the shift and repeat (D-E, E-D, D-E, etc.) to practice the motion.


Cello Beginner II: Week #2 - A String