Cello Intermediate: Week #1

Goals for the week:

Warm Up: Long tones
Scale: C major scale + arpeggio
Technique: Short “scrubby” bows
Repertoire: First measure of ‘Minuet in C’, with pauses between notes


We reviewed long tones and the C major arpeggios and scale. We also played C major scale by “scrubbing” the bow using short, articulate notes. The bow is fast, heavy and abrupt in movement, as if you're brushing your teeth. We practiced this by playing two of each note in short scrubs with a pause between each note, so the rhythm sounds like a heartbeat. Lastly, we learned the first measure of Minuet no. 3, using the same scrubby bow with a stop in between notes.

Assignment for next week

Review the scales and basic technique, using a metronome while practicing.  Practice the new “scrubby” bow stroke on the scale as well and practice the first measure of Minuet in C.

How to Practice this at home

More repetitions for a short amount of time each will help you learn the most quickly. For practice this week, start with long tones on each string, then the scale and arpeggio in a long tone tempo (4 beats per note, 1 beat = 65). Try each one 1-2 times. Then practice the C scale at a medium tempo while slurring two notes to a bow. Then practice the C scale in the scrubby “heartbeat” pattern.  Finally, practice the first measure of Minuet in C using the scrubby bow stroke, with a pause between each note.

Minuet m. 1 fingerings: G4 D1 D4 A2 D0 A1 | A2--

Cello C Drone

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