Cello Intermediate: Week #2

List of Goals for the week:

Warm Up: Long tones, C scale

Scale: C scale

Technique: Scrubby bow with stops

Repertoire: First measure of Minuet in C, no pauses

Paragraph summary of what was covered in class

We continued to review long tones and long C major scale and arpeggio. We reviewed the scrubby bows, with stops after two notes (the “heartbeat” rhythm). We then reviewed the first measure as practiced last week. We then took the pauses out and doubled each note in the measure.  Lastly, we took out the doubled note and played the measure as the piece is written.

Assignment for next week

Practice the scrubby bow scale and work through the method of playing the first measure with pauses, then doubled, then as written.

How to Practice this at home

Continue to warm up with long tones, long scales, and slurring two notes to a bow. This basic training will make learning the music easier. Follow your warm up with the scrubby scale and then the method for the first measure: pause between notes, then remove the pause and double each note, then play as written.  Practice each step to the method 5-7 times. It’s recommend you practice this with a metronome. Start at a speed that’s comfortable (suggested start is one beat = 100) and gradually speed up over the week.

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