Cello Super Advanced I

Cello Super Advanced: Week #1

Goals for the week

Warm Up: Review A-major scale 2 octaves with hooked bows and slurs
Scale: A-major scale
Technique: Hook bows, slurs
Repertoire: Telemann Canonic Sonata No. 1 measures 1-4


Welcome back!  We reviewed the A major scale, 2 octaves, with separate, slurred, and hooked bows. Then we looked over the beginning of the Telemann.

Assignment for next week

Practice A major and other scales to review technique, and practice the Telemann at a slow tempo (quarter=70).

How to Practice this at home

Use the scales to focus on technique and quality of sound.  Stay focused on your hands and posture, while listening for a pure tone and good intonation.  If you falter, try to play the note in tune and then go back a few notes. When practicing the telemann, keep the metronome on at all times.  Rhythm is crucial in this piece.


Teleman Canonic Sonata No. 1 PDF

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