Cello Super Advanced I


List of Goals for the week:

Warm Up: C and A major scales, “brushstroke” bow

Scale: C, A major

Technique: Brushstroke (short, lightly bounced bow) and tapered bowstroke (long note that’s more full at beginning than end)

Repertoire: Telemann, mm. 1-13

Paragraph summary of what was covered in class

We warmed up on the A and C and then practiced two brushstrokes needed for the telemann - the “brushstroke” bow and the tapered bow.  For brushstroke, you’ll play the beginning of the note by digging in a little and then lifting all the pressure off the bow to release the note.  It will give it a short, bouncy sound. The tapered bow will be fuller sounding at the beginning than at the end. We also kept going through the Telemann, getting up to measure 13.

Assignment for next week

Practice the bowtstrokes on the scales, and be prepared on at least measures 1-8 in Telemann.  Start to integrate the bowstrokes in the music as well.

How to Practice this at home

To learn a new technique via a scale, you’ll want to repeat the scale 3-4 times each session.  Practice on just one note at first if necessary. Keep the metronome on for the Teleman. If you see an eighth or quarter note with a dot over it, that’s the brushstroke bow. For quarter notes with no dot, or longer notes, use the tapered sound.

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