Electric Bass: Advanced

Bass Advanced: Week #2

List of Goals for the week:

  • Warm Up: Your Cheatin’ Heart with R-5 bass lines

  • Scale: A Major Transposable (Version 3)

  • Technique: Fills, Following the Kick Drum

  • Repertoire: Your Cheatin’ Heart


This week we worked on putting the A Major Scale into time and increasing the speed. We reviewed Your Cheatin’ Heart and added the remaining fills including the chromatic walk up from IV-V, the leading tone into the I, the IV-I step up, The V-I major walk up, and the V-I major walk down. We also looked ahead to The Weight, which we’ll be learning next week, starting with establishing a rhythm that follows the kick drum in the song.

Assignment for next week

Comfortably play through A Major Scale (version 3)
Comfortably play through Your Cheatin’ Heart with all fills
Comfortably play heartbeat rhythm for The Weigh following the kick drum at 70/quarter note

How to Practice this at home

Play A Major scale ascending and descending 3x in half notes
Play through Your Cheatin’ Heart 3x with alternating bass and no fills
Play through each fill individually in time 3x|
Play Your Cheatin’ Heart 3x with all fills
Play heartbeat rhythm 3x in 4 bar sections.