Electric Bass: Advanced


List of Goals for the week:

  • Warm Up: The Weight heartbeat rhythm

  • Scale: A Minor (1st position)

  • Technique: Octaves, The Weight Fills

  • Repertoire: The Weight


This week we started working on the A minor scale looking at the different whole and half step pattern. We Learned to chord progression to the three parts to The Weight (Intro, Verse, Chorus) and learned the fills that we’ll need for this song - the octave jump and the V-I turnarounds.

Assignment for next week:

Comfortably play the A minor scale in Half notes
Comfortably play the chord progression to The Weight in rhythm
Comfortably play each fill for the weight in time with a metronome at 70 in the correct part of the measure

How to Practice this at home

Practice the A minor scale ascending and descending in half notes 3-5x
Practice each section of The Weight 3-5x
Practice the full form of The Weight 3x
Practice each fill for The Weight 5x in time

Charts + Sheet Music + Diagrams

B4W3_The Weight

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