Electric Bass: Advanced


List of Goals for the week:

  • Warm Up: The Weight

  • Scale: A minor scale, A major/minor/half dim arpeggio

  • Technique: Thumb Slap, Finger Popping

  • Repertoire: Autumn Leaves


This week we reviewed The Weight all the way through at tempo. We added the dominant arpeggio (Root, Major 3rd, Perfect 5th, Minor 7th) to our lexicon of arpeggios. We reviewed the A section of Autumn Leaves and added the B section (the bridge) to have the complete piece! We also learned the three basic principles of slap bass, the thumb slap and the finger pop.

Assignment for next week

Comfortably play the A dominant arpeggio ascending and descending in half notes
Develop a clear thumb slap and finger pop
Comfortably play through each phrase of Autumn leaves and play through the whole chart.

How to Practice this at home

Practice the A arpeggios in half notes 3x
Practice 20 clear thumb slaps
Practice 20 clear finger pops
Practice each section of Autumn Leaves 5x with walking bass line
Play through form of Autumn Leaves 3x with walking bass line