Electric Bass: Beginner

Electric Bass Beginner: Week #2

Goals for the week:

  • Warm Up: Review G, C, D

  • Scale: G Scale (2 notes with two beats of rest, whole notes)

  • Technique: Tuning, Musical Alphabet, Whole Notes (making the changes), Quarter Notes (keeping time), 5th fret D

  • Repertoire: St Louis Blues (Blues Form, Making the Changes)


This week we learned how to tune the bass, how to play the G major scale (walking up every note in the musical alphabet in order) both in two notes with two beats of rest in between and in whole notes. We also learned about the blues form and apply it to learning W.C. Handy’s St Louis Blues. This week we how to “Make the Changes” which is following the chord progression by sustaining one note per measure. We also learned how to play D by playing the 5th fret on the A string with the left hand pinky.

Assignment for next week

Get very comfortable with the notes of the G Major Scale going up. We’ll start going down the scale next week, adding more and more to this each week, and using the scale as a template for learning new techniques. Also, get very comfortable with making the changes on St Louis Blues and getting comfortable with the blues form We’ll also be adding a bunch of new techniques to this song as well.

How to practice this at home

Practice your G scale in both double notes/rests and in whole notes. See if you can get all the way up the scale both ways 3 times each without playing a wrong note. Follow the same process with St. Louis Blues by seeing if you can get all the way through the form 3 times without a wrong note. The more comfortable you are with this form the easier you’ll be able to pick things up for the rest of the semester.

Charts + Sheet Music + Diagrams

St Louis Blues Chart PDF

B1W2_ G Scale.jpg



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