Electric Bass: Intermediate

Bass Intermediate: Week #1

Week #1

Goals for the week:

  • Warm Up: St Louis Blues

  • Scale: Ab Major

  • Technique: Using a pick, Parts of a chord

  • Repertoire: N/A


We jumped right back into St Louis Blues this week adding an alternating I-V bassline (outlining the outer notes of the chord) for a country/americana-ish feel. We learned the Ab major scale in a transposable position (by changing the root note and using the same finger pattern we can play any major scale). We also learned how to play using a pick rather than fingers.

Assignment for next week

Get comfortable with using a pick to play the bass, we’ll be using a pick all semester. Be able to play the two octave Ab major scale slowly up and down. Be able to play St Louis blues comfortably with the alternating bass line.

How to Practice this at home

Play through St Louis Blues 3x with alternating bass lines (break apart each chord change if you need to). Play up and down the Ab major scale 3 times pausing in between each note, making sure you are playing all the right notes. Practice using your pick on St Louis Blues, and the Scale really getting comfortable with a light pick hold.

Charts + Sheet Music + Diagrams

St Louis Blues with IV walk down PDF

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