Guitar Advanced

Guitar Advanced: Week #1

 List of Goals for the week:

Warm Up: G major scale up and down 3 times each day

Technique: finger style pattern on C

Repertoire: Chord Review: E-, E, E7, C, F, G, B7, A, A-, D, D-

  • Additional Studies: Memorize notes on the staff, slash chords (G/B), A-7, intro to barre chords (4 fingers no barre)

Summary of what was covered in class:

Welcome aboard everyone!  This week we did a thorough review of guitar tablature, the two octave G scale in open position, and all open chords covered thus far in earlier sessions. We learned about slash chords and barre chords and had a thorough introduction to finger style which we will build upon next week.

How to Practice this at home:

Start each practice session by checking in with your posture, instrument hold and pick hold. Remember to breathe!  It’s a great idea to practice in a mirror to see what your hands and body are doing when you play and to fix any awkward habits.

Get your hands ready to play by playing your G scale as mentioned above. Next comes your chord review: play through each voicing (both new and old) one note at a time, then strum. Test your memory by trying to play each voicing without looking at chord charts.

Now play through the finger style exercise five to ten times.  If you don’t have practice time for memorization of notes on the staff, use some of your subway time to quiz yourself!



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