Guitar Advanced

Guitar Advanced: Week #2

 List of Goals for the week:

  • Warm Up: READ G Major on the staff 3-5 times each day

  • Technique: barre chord practice first then third finger, three times each day: one note at a time then strum

  • Repertoire: bonus tune number 1: Landslide (Note that I have used the classical markings for RH fingers where p=thumb, i=index, m=middle, and a=ring finger)

  • Additional Studies: D/F# chord

This week we did a thorough review of note names on the staff and put them on the guitar in the form of the G major scale. We reviewed last week’s chord voicings and spent some time dialing in technique for the first and third finger three string barre. After reviewing last week’s fingerstyle pattern we put it to work in Landslide.

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