Guitar Intermediate

Guitar Intermediate: Week #1

Major Scales

Remember that every major scale is made up of the following intervals (the distance from one note to it's neighbor):

W - W- H- W- W- W- H

Practice playing these intervals beginning on your open E string  as we did in class.  Remember that whole steps are 2 frets apart and half steps are one fret apart.

This semester we'll be working on the G major scale.  Attached is a diagram and recording of G scale.  For this week we will be starting on the open 3rd string as heard in the recording.  

G Scale High Octave 


Chord Review!

We had an intensive review of chords from Beginner Level in this week’s class.  Take some extra time this week to review each of these every day.  Remember you need to have each of these memorized by name so challenge yourself!  I will quiz on on each of these next week. 

E Major Chord

A Minor Chord

A Major Chord

F Major Chord

C Major Chord

G Major Chord

B7 Chord

How to practice chords at home:

  • Start by checking in with your seated posture (legs, back, shoulders, neck, right arm rest on the guitar and left hand hold)

  • Spend a moment to check in with your pick hold ("thumb wrestle" set-up)

  • Get your left hand fingers position as specified in the charts below

  • Play one string at a time to trouble shoot and fix any dead strings (fingertips!)

  • Give three strums and repeat the process another 1-2 times for each chord

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