Guitar Intermediate

Guitar Intermediate: Week #2

G Scale

We moved this to a "first position scale" yesterday which means that we can utilize the open strings. This week, really try to get used to what the names of the notes are on the instrument. This will help us crack the code of figuring out how to read music. Also, this week, try to memorize where the open strings fall on the staff. I'm resending the diagram of where the notes of the G scale are on the staff as well as on the guitar.

G Scale Sheet Music

G, D7 chords, Chord switching

These are going great. We added the D7 chord (similar, but not quite the same as the D chord) and worked on switching between the two chords. Give yourselves 4 strums and 4 beats of rest as you're going between the chords.

G Chord

D7 Chord


House of the Rising Sun 

This week we have our first “bonus tune” which will give you some great practice in chord switching.  Take your time and play through three to five times each day.

Ring of Fire

Take a look at the chart below for the notes to the first two phrases of this session's song, Johnny Cash's "Ring of Fire."   This week, take it slow and really try to figure out where each staff note is on the guitar.  Recordings of the first, second and combined phrases are attached.

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