Mandolin Advanced

Mandolin Advanced: Week #3

Week #3

List of Goals for the week:

  • Warm Up: Mandolin tremolo practice week 3 as described below

  • Scale: Read G major ascending and descending three times each day

  • Repertoire: review “Banks of the Ohio” melody 3 times each day. Read through “Banks” mandolin arrangement 3 times each day.

  • Additional Studies: D chop chords

We continued our review of sight reading this week.  The more practice you can devote to this, the better; all of our studies this session rely on sight reading!  We spent time focusing on the role of the forearm in tremolo picking.  We had a good review of the first one and a half arrangements of Banks of the Ohio.

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Mandolin Advanced: Week #1

Banks of the Ohio: melodic arrangement

Banks of the Ohio (melody)

Banks of the Ohio (mandolin arrangement)

Banks of the Ohio (double stops)


  • Review: A, G scales, three finger chords

  • discussion: types of motion of the elbow and wrist: rotation vs up and down

  • assignment: single string 16th note tremolo with metronome: 74 BPM: each set of open strings for 10 seconds or so up and down

  • A- chop chords

  • ”Banks” melody arrangement

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