Bantam Studios' mandolin program gives adult students who have never touched a mandolin before an opportunity to explore the wide range of playing opportunities on the instrument.  Over the four-class curriculum, students will learn how to master first position, barre and chop chords, learn chord progressions and how to read a lead sheet, learn advanced picking techniques including alternating and tremolo picking, and will have the experience of improvising and playing in an ensemble with their classmates.  This one-year course is designed to teach students the necessary skills to join the Bantam Studios Folk jam.

Mandolin Beginner
Course Level 101

Mandolin Beginner is an introductory course that teaches the basic set-up fundamentals of playing the Mandolin. At the end of this 8-week course students will have learned how to hold the mandolin, develop a solid, consistent tone, learn the G, C, D, A and E chords in two finger voicing, learn to read tabs, learn to play the A Major Scale, learn to play with a pick, learn Bury me Beneath the Willow, and perform Old Joe Clark at the recital. Students will learn about famous mandolin players with notable and unconventional careers in a short lecture at the beginning of each class.

Techniques Covered: 
A Major Scale, Two Finger Chord Voicing, Reading Tabs, Playing Melody and Accompaniment

Mandolin Intermediate
Course Level 102

Mandolin Intermediate is an intermediate course that takes students who have a basic setup and vocabulary of first position two finger chords through an introduction barre chords and three note chords for F, D minor, B, B Minor, and F#  and developing a solid understanding of alternate picking. Over the course of 8-weeks students will develop their skills of picking single note melodies, learn the shuffle rhythm, learn the note names in the key of each piece, develop a basic understanding of sight reading, learn Soldiers Joy and perform Temperance Reel at the recital. This class is focused on expanding the basic technique that was built in Mandolin Beginner as it hones in on picking dexterity, and expanding chord vocabulary. 

Techniques Covered:
G and D Major Scales, Alternate Picking, Shuffle Rhythm, Three Finger Chords, Bar Chords.

Mandolin Advanced
Course Level 103

Mandolin Advanced focuses on developing sight reading skills, learning to arrange melodies on mandolin and improve picking mechanics. Students will learn tremolo picking on single notes and double stops, ornaments including slides and hammer ons, C, G, D, and A minor chop chords, Boil Them Cabbage Down and will perform Banks of the Ohio at the recital. This course is also designed for students who want to join Mandolin Ensemble or Jam Ensemble (104 level classes) after this class. 

Techniques Covered:
Tremolo Picking, Chop Chords, Slides, Hammer-ons, Ear Training and Arranging

After Mandolin Advanced, students can continue onto the following 104 level classes:
Mandolin Ensemble (104+ Level)
Folk Jam Ensemble (104+ Level)

Mandolin Ensemble
Course Level 104

Mandolin Ensemble focuses on developing skills for playing in an ensemble against different parts and learning arrangements of various mandolin repertoire. Mandolin ensemble is designed as a two semester class and will feature two songs in rotation over the two semesters. Students will also develop advanced chord voicing, picking techniques, and reading skills. This course is also designed for students who have completed the Folk Jam Ensemble (104 level classes) curriculum or want to join Folk Jam Ensemble after this class. 

After Mandolin Ensemble, students can continue onto the following 104 level classes:
Folk Jam Ensemble (104+ Level)