Summer 2018 Workshops

Plectrum Technique Workshops

Plectrum Technique Workshops

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Summary: Plectrum Technique Workshop is a class for Ukulele, Mandolin and Guitar Students. Each class will focus on one specific technique per class. 

Level: Intermediate +


July 16th: Strumming 1
July 23rd: Strumming 2
July 30th: Chord switching 
August 6th: Slurs hammer ons and pull offs
August 13th: Controlling slides
August 20th: Picking 1 (Intro to alternate)
August 27th: Picking 2 (Intro to tremolo)
September 3rd: Picking 3 (string crossings)

Plectrum Technique Workshops
Mon, Jul 16 - Sep 10
No Class Sep 3
8:15pm - 9:15pm
Teacher: Rick Snell

$30 for Drop-IN
$100 for All-Access

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