Theory + Composition



Music Theory Beginner
Course Level: 101

Music Theory Beginner provides students with a strong foundation upon which to build musicianship skills, whether their interest lies in performance, composition, or simply better understanding how music works. The course’s main objective is to introduce students to reading music as a tool for notating and analyzing pitches and rhythms. Mastery of this material through aural and written work will facilitate a thorough exploration of scales, intervals, and chords in the latter part of the course.

Music Theory Beginner is designed to be taken either as a supplement to any beginner Bantam Studios instrumental course, or taken independently within the theory and composition track.

Music Theory Intermediate
Course Level: 102

Music Theory Intermediate is suited for the student who knows how to read music and wants to dive deeper into the theoretical concepts behind western music composition and performance practice. Beginning with a review of fundamental concepts such as scales, intervals, and chords, students are introduced to how these ingredients can be implemented and/or combined to create larger musical structures. Concepts such as phrases, cadences, harmonic progressions, and form are all explored in sufficient depth for students to be able to complete basic analyses of tonal compositions. Concurrent aural training will reinforce these concepts while also training students to identify these musical structures by ear.

PREREQUISITES: Music Theory Beginner and/or the ability to read/write musical notation.

Music Theory Advanced
Course Level: 103

Course Description COMING SOON! 

Composition I
Course Level: 104

Course Description COMING SOON!

Composition II
Course Level: 105

Course Description COMING SOON!