Ukulele Advanced

Ukulele Advanced: Week #2

Great review this week class!  Remember that barre cords are an important staple in the repertoire of any ukulelist and at this point we are considering them fair game in any song we are studying.  If you still feel like you are having a hard time there it is probably time to schedule an office hours to resolve any lingering issues.  

This week we are reviewing our 6/8 finger style picking that we originally saw in "Hallelujah."  Before we apply it to our new song, spend this week playing through the finger style exercise 5-10 repeats each day.  Look closely at your right hand fingering which is labeled over each note in the first measure.  Then get your left hand prepared for our new song by strumming through the chords found on your chord chart below.

Fingerstyle Exercise

What A Wonderful World (week 1)

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