Ukulele Advanced

Ukulele Advanced: Week #4

List of Goals for the week:

  • Warm Up/Scale: D MAJOR: 1 quarter note per note (read from the chart below!)

  • Barre Chord Practice: set up each of our barre chord shapes with careful attention to your thumb and first finger 3 times each day. Play one note at a time to trouble shoot any weak notes. Make sure your first finger is pinched flat against the fret board while your other fingers remain hooked.

  • Slide practice: using your first finger, practice sliding from fret 2 to fret 4 on your C string a few times each day, then repeat from fret 4 back to fret 2. Try this with your second and third finger as well. Focus on keeping pressure on the string so that the second note is as loud as the first! Keeping your thumb planted in one position on the neck will help.

  • Chord Melody Exercise: practice a few times each day. Remember that you can use the first string as a target to stop your thumb for the first few chords.

  • Here Comes the Sun: practice the melody to the intro a few times each day. This week we are focusing on getting the rhythm to sound correct. Read the notes from the chart and see if you can count the rhythm as written-- remember how each tie requires you to hold the note for the duration of both notes tied together. This gives the intro it's syncopated feel. I've attached a recording to help you with the tricky rhythms on this part.

D Major Scale

Chord Melody Ex #1

Here comes the Sun (intro melody)

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