Ukulele Advanced

Ukulele Advanced: Week #5


List of Goals for the week:

  • Warm Up/Scale D MAJOR: Same as last week

  • Technique: keep experimenting with slides some this week. We'll put that to work next week

  • Repertoire: great work so far on the melody to Here Comes the Sun! This is a tricky section due to the emphasis on so many off-beats (the "ands"). Now that you have the right notes we are tightening the focus on timing. Take the time this week to imitate the timing on the recording. I recommend clapping the rhythm to each phrase every day until you are confident that your timing matches the recording.

  • We have a few tough exercises this week! Each one focuses on a different technique which we will see in our final arrangement.


Here Comes the Sun Intro Arrangement

Ex #2 utilizes the finger-style technique we learned in ukulele 3.  Be sure to use right hand T 1 2 for each triplet.

This is a work-intensive week: please put in your daily practice!  Next week we will build upon all of your hard work to start to shape our final arrangement.  I'm proud of all the hard work you've all done so far!  Each little piece of this song can lend a ton of musicality to any song you learn in the future.

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