Ukulele Advanced

Ukulele Advanced: Week #6

List of Goals for the week:

  • Warm Up/ Scale: D MAJOR: Same as last week

  • Intro: We put last week's exercises together to form the final arrangement of the intro. As we saw, timing is very tricky on this part. The chart includes the beat count underneath the chords. The recording includes the intro as played, then with the rhythm counted, and finally only the rhythm count and claps, all done to a metronome at 60 BPM. Read and listen closely and use these tools to help you perfect your timing! Also remember to use rest strokes on any chord that doesn't use all 4 strings.

  • Finger style Part: we added to one of last week's exercises to round out the second part. Practice carefully. Your right hand fingering is labelled above the staff.

Here Comes the Sun Intro

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