Ukulele Intermediate

Ukulele Intermediate: Week #1

Hello class!  

It's so great to see so many of you awesome Ukulelists again and I'm so glad to meet the new folks we have on board this session!  I’m really excited to cover some fun music with you over the next 8 weeks.    

Remember to schedule 10-15 minutes of practice time each day and to respect this very special personal time!  You'll use this time to further internalize what we cover in class, and eventually you may use your practice sessions to learn songs outside of class and to write your own music!

What you may have missed:

Below you'll find diagrams of chords we've covered in earlier classes; some of these  (like B and E) we learned in their flat keys (fingered one fret lower).  I've included E and B natural to make things easier here.  There are some barre chords here: we'll review those next week as they pose some challenges to the left hand.  Those who have studied with me before may see a chord or two we haven't seen yet so don't panic!

Ukulele Chords
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