Ukulele + Singing

Ukulele + Singing: Week #2

Week #2

List of Goals for the week:

  • Warm Up: Blue Moon and introducing a vocal warm-up

  • Scale: We will review a C major Scale

  • Technique: Stretches for fingers, vocal technique suggestions, Cover any questions about strumming, holding instrument next class

  • Repertoire: Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow

  • Additional Studies:

Here’s what we covered in week 2!

  • Brief vocal warm-up => stretching the voice and using solfege for warm-up

  • Finger/wrist stretches for getting ready to play the uke

  • Warm-up with Blue Moon - another song in C maj. Look at all the same chords we see!

  • Repertoire review:

    • Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow by Carole King (FULL CHART)

    • Play through all of the verse sections

    • Sing through all of the verse sections

    • Sing and play all of the verse sections

  • Reconciling the melody - let’s review the melody for the verses in solfege. Here’s a recording of the verse melody in solfege:

  • New section on ukulele: The bridge

    • Check it out below - we already know these chords!

  • Learning the bridge melody

  • Putting it all together!


    • Our song is in C Major. Except for our E7 chord, all of the chords we’ve seen so far in this song are “DIATONIC” to the key of C major

Ex 3.png

C maj chord: I chord

D min chord: ii chord

F maj: IV chord

G and G7 chord: V chord and V7 chord respectively

Am chord: vi chord

E7 chord* (Non-diatonic): This is our V/vi chord (WHAT?)


(Keep this pattern in the back of your head for now - we’ll come back to it.)


1   +   2   +   3    +   4   +

D  U   D  U        U   D   U


Assignment for next week


How to Practice this at home

●      10 - 15 min daily or every other day

●      Focus on playing the bridge and verses, no singing!

●      Practice only the chords slowly first (no singing)  Strumming pattern for now should be simple:

1    2   3   4

D   D   D   D

Like last week, practice the chords in time, strumming only on beats 1 2 3 and 4.

●      Once you feel secure in strumming on beats 1 2 3 and 4 in the time of the song, try adding the singing on top.

●      Listen to Carole King’s version a few times this week to secure the melody. NOTE: her version is in a different key.

●      Listen to the recording I’ve made of the song in solfege - this is to help reconcile any melody questions you may have!

Charts + Sheet Music + Diagrams

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