Upright Bass Advanced

Upright Bass Advanced: Week #6

Week #6

List of Goals for the week:

  • Warm Up: Tuning using harmonics 

  • Scale:

  • Technique: N/A

  • Repertoire: Summertime

  • Additional Studies:

Paragraph summary of what was covered in class

In class we worked on tuning using harmonics, working our way through the arpeggio worksheet, and applying that to the jazz standard Summertime

Assignment for next week

Practice the apeggio worksheet at home. Try to be able to play all the way through with the metronome set at whatever tempo is comfortable for you without stopping. Start slow. Also try to play through the chord changes of Summertime using the 1,3,5,3 pattern from the first half of the arpeggio worksheet.

How to Practice this at home 

Play along with the jazz drums here.

Charts + Sheet Music + Diagrams

Arpeggios - Full Score


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