Viola Beginner I

Viola Beginner: Week #1

Week #1

List of Goals for the week:

  • Warm Up: N/A

  • Scale: N/A

  • Technique: Rest position, Viola Hold

  • Repertoire: N/A

  • Additional Studies: Parts of the viola, Alto clef!!!

Paragraph summary of what was covered in class

To begin this week, we covered the parts of the viola, which all have the same names as the violin (scroll, pegs, neck, fingerboard, strings, bridge, button, f-holes). We also covered how these parts are different from the violin - everything’s bigger! Finally, we covered the foundations of alto clef, the clef that violists read music in. It’s very logical - the middle line of the staff is middle C!

Assignment for next week

This week’s assignment is to practice the viola hold for a few minutes every day. Because the viola is so much bigger than the violin, it’s important to remain extra aware of staying relaxed when holding the instrument, and it will take some time for your muscles to adjust!

How to Practice this at home

Practice moving from rest position to the viola hold and then holding, without the left hand, for 10 seconds, 7 to 10 repetitions per night. Focus on doing this smoothly despite the instrument’s weight. For an extra challenge, try using your left arm to touch your nose and shoulder and your instrument’s bridge and scroll. If you’re nervous about dropping your instrument while doing this, practice over the sofa or bed!

Charts + Sheet Music + Diagrams