Viola Beginner II

Viola Beginner II: Week #4

Week #4

List of Goals for the week:

  • Warm Up: Hoedown Rhythm

  • Scale: C scale

  • Technique: Fingered doubles stops on A and D

  • Repertoire: Old Joe Clark all phrases in hoedown rhythm

Paragraph summary of what was covered in class

This week we added fingered double stops with notes on the D string and open A. Make sure to keep your fingers on their corners and swing your elbow around so that you can cleanly put your finger on the D string without it touching the A. We also added hoedown rhythm to all the phrases of Old Joe Clark

Assignment for next week

Comfortably play the C scale with single notes and rests

Comfortably play fingered double stops on both the A and D strings

Comfortably play all the phrases of Old Joe Clark in hoedown rhythm

How to Practice this at home 

Double Stops: Play each fingered double stop exercise (fingers on A and fingers on D) 3-5 times cleanly with all notes in tune and no squeaks

Old Joe Clark: Play each phrase 3-5 times in hoedown rhythm cleanly with all the right notes and good bow distribution. 

Charts + Sheet Music + Diagrams 

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