Violin Advanced III

Violin Advanced III: Week #1

List of Goals for the week:

  • Posture Review

  • D Scale 3rd Position

  • B Minor Scale

  • Shostakovich Read Through


This week we worked on reviewing posture, making sure that when we play sitting down, we’ve got a solid foundation with both feet on the floor, sitting at the edge of the chair, that the violin is evenly balanced on the shoulder and that the head is fully turned to the side using just the weight of the head to cantilever the violin in position while maintaining a relaxed neck and jaw. We reviewed the D Major Scale in 3rd position. We learned the B Minor Scale which is the relative minor of D Major (the minor scale with the same key signature) so all the finger positions will be the same. We also read through both parts of the Shostakovich duet.

Assignment for next week

Comfortably play the D Major Scale all in 3rd Position
Comfortably play the B Minor Scale in 1st Position
Start to learn both parts of Shostakovich Duet

How to Practice this at home

Play D Major scale in 3rd Position 3x, carefully listening to intonation and thinking about half and whole steps
Play B Minor scale 3x getting used to going from B to B and thinking of half steps and whole steps
Sight read through each part of Shostakovich duet, spend 3-5 mins on trouble spots, then sight read again

Charts + Sheet Music + Diagrams

Shostakovich Duet

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