Violin Advanced

Violin Advanced: Week #2

Goals for the week:

  • Warm Up:G major scale with slurs

  • Scale: 1 octave D major Scale

  • Technique: Notes of third position, shifting from first to third position

  • Repertoire: Ashokan Farewell


The big assignment this week is shifting from first position to third position. Make sure to relax your thumb for the shift and to swing your elbow forward so that the arm corkscrews into 3rd position. This week we also put the first phrase of Ashokan Farewell into rhythm and added the second phrase (which is very similar to the first phrase).

Assignment for next week

Comfortably shift from first finger F# in first position to first finger A in 3rd position.
Comfortably play the notes of 3rd position on the E string in tune.
Comfortably play the first two phrases of Ashokan Farewell in time.

How to Practice

Shifting: Practice 10-12 in-tune shifts from first to third and back to first position (F# - A - F#)
3rd Position: Practice walking up and down the notes of 3rd position 3-5 times with good intonation.
Ashokan Farewell: Pick 2 or 3 2 measure sections of the first phrase and drill them 5-7 times per day in rhythm. By midweek, once you’ve hit each part of the phrase, practice the each full phrase 3-5 times.

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