Violin Beginner I

Violin Beginner I: Week #2

Goals for the week:

  • Warm Up: Review Violin Hold

  • Scale: N/A

  • Technique: Bow Hold

  • Repertoire: N/A


This week we learned to bow hold. This is the first major hurdle in violin playing as the bow hold is very awkward and there’s not similar to anything else we do in everyday life. Be patient with this. It gets easier, but will take time to get used to. When you’re building your bow hold remember to:

Make sure your thumb is bent and that the back of the thumb contacts the bow hair (about where the nail meets the skin),
Keep your middle two fingers together and curl them over the stick of the bow. Your ring finger should cover the dot on the frog,
Place your index finger easily on its side between the middle and top knuckle Curl your pinky around and place it on the stick of the bow about where the frog ends. The pinky distributes the weight of the bow through the hand and controls the straightness of the bow stroke, so it's really important to have it round and sitting on top. When you let go of the bow with the left hand, feel the weight of the tip sink into the pinky and feel the pinky naturally push down to counterbalance the weight.

Assignment for next week

This week’s assignment is to get comfortable with the bow hold. Review the violin hold and playing position to continue to get comfortable with it.

How to Practice this at home

This week, follow the steps and build 7-10 bow holds. Hold the bow for a few seconds and then release the bow hold and shake out the right hand. Plan to practice at least 4 days this week (6 is ideal). Also review the violin hold 3-5 times per practice session (you can use this as a break from building bow holds).

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