Violin Beginner II

Violin Beginner II: Week #2

List of Goals for the week:

  • Warm Up: Double Stops

  • Scale: G Scale

  • Technique: Hoedown Rhythm

  • Repertoire: Old Joe Clark full melody (notes only)


This week we reviewed the G scale and double stops, learned the hoedown rhythm, which involves bowing all the way to the tip, and learned the rest of the notes to Old Joe Clark. For the hoedown rhythm, if you can’t get all the way to the tip right now that’s totally fine. Go as far as you comfortably can without losing your bowhold, the reach will come. It’s a “long, short, short” bow stroke where the first down bow goes all the way to the tip and then is followed by two short bow strokes from the tip to the top tape then back to the tip. For Old Joe Clark, practice each phrase on its own. Don’t worry about putting them together this week.

First Phrase: E F# G(nat.) F# E D C#
Second Phrase: E F# G(nat.) F# E
Third Phrase: Same as the first!
Last Phrase: C# C# B B A

Assignment for next week

  • Get more comfortable with playing double stops

  • Play G Scale in time with two bows per note and two beats of rest

  • Comfortably play the hoedown rhythm

  • Comfortably play each phrase of Old Joe Clark

How to Practice this at home

Double Stops - Get 5-7 clean repetitions of double stops on open A and E
G Scale - 3 times up and down the scale in time with all the correct notes.
Hoedown Rhythm - 7-10 (SLOW) repetitions of the hoedown rhythm, resetting your bow in the middle each time.
Old Joe Clark - 3-5 clean repetitions of each phrase

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