Violin Intermediate

Violin Intermediate: Week #1

Goals for the week:

  • Warm Up: 1 octave G scale review

  • Scale: G scale lower octave

  • Technique: Note Reading

  • Repertoire: Dona Nobis Pacem First Phrase Notes


This week we learned the lower octave of the G major scale. The fingering for this is the exact same as the A major scale from beginner 1, it just starts on open G instead of open A. We also talked about reading music and applied that new knowledge to the first half of the first phrase of Dona Nobis Pacem (our piece for this semester). Use the attached cheat sheets to decode each note of Dona Nobis Pacem. Take it slow, circle your open strings and don’t be afraid to print off some copies of the piece and mark down every note and finger. It will help you learn more quickly in the long run.

Assignment for next week

  • Comfortably play both octaves of the G Major scale separately

  • Start to develop an association between note names, note placements on the staff, and fingers on the violin

  • Comfortably be able to play though the first phrase of Dona Nobis Pacem off of the sheet music

How to Practice this at home

Scale: Practice each octave 3 times per practice session with good intonation, clear sound, and all the correct finger placements.

Dona Nobis Pacem: Go through the music away from the violin saying the notes out loud 5-10 times. Circle open strings and mark note names and fingers accordingly. Play through the first half of the phrase 7-10 times.

02-VIIIW1_G Scale Diagram.jpg
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