Violin Super Advanced Cycle 2

Violin Super Advanced (Cycle 2): Week #1

List of Goals for the week:

  • Warm Up: Two Octave D Major Scale

  • Scale: A Major Scale, A Minor Pentatonic Scales

  • Technique: Double Stop review, Hoe Down Rhythm Review, First finger, Second Finger and 4th Finger Slides.

  • Repertoire: Lacassine Special

  • Additional Studies: Twinkle Fiddle

Paragraph summary of what was covered in class

This week we warmed up our two octave D and A major scales and reviewed the A minor Pentatonic scales. Remember with the pentatonic scales, look for the finger patterns: A, D: Open, Low 2, 3, Open Low 2, 3 and E: 1, 3, Open, 1, 3, Open.

We then read the simple melody of twinkle twinkle little star, and then added one new technique to the piece to gain a “fiddle” affect. First time: Hoe Down Rhythm: Second Time, Hoe Down Rhythm + Double Stops, Third Time: Hoe Down Rhythm + Double Stops + First Finger, Second Finger and Third Finger Slides.

Assignment for next week

Review all previously learned fiddle technique: Hoe Down Rhythm, Double Stops and practice first, second and fourth finger slides. Re Familiarize yourself with reading the chord chart for a piece and what pentatonic scales correspond with the piece. Come to class next week being able to play through Lacassine special and know all the minor pentatonic scales by heart.

Charts + Sheet Music + Diagrams

Twinkle Page 1
Twinkle Page 2
Fiddle Techniques
A Major + Pentatonic Scales
Lacassine Special

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