Violin Super Advanced Cycle 1

VIOLIN SUP. ADV (Cycle 1): Week #2

List of Goals for the week:

  • Long Tones

  • D Major Scale

  • F Major Scale

  • Bow Fingers Exercise

  • Intermezzo


This week we continued to work on long tones, focusing on solid bow are motion and good bow holds. We reviewed the D Major scale applying the tone improving techniques. We walked through the two octave F major scale, going up into 5th position. We learned the bow fingers exercise, starting by pulling your knuckles up parallel with your hand with your fingertips pulling into your palm, then holding the bow in the left hand and using the fingers to push the tip of the bow 1-2 inches to the left. Make sure only to use your fingers, not your hand, wrist or arm. We worked on the first 8 measures of the intermezzo focusing on notes and rhythm.

Assignment for next week

Comfortably Play the D Major scale in tune

Start to get comfortable with the notes of the two octave F Major Scale

Start to get comfortable with bow finger exercise with and without bow

Comfortably play through the first 8 measures of Intermezzo

How to Practice this at home

Play D major scale 3x with clear intonation

Warm up the 5th position notes of F major then slowly walk through the scale 3x

Practice the bow finger exercise 15x without bow and 15x with bow

Practice trouble spots Intermezzo 3-5x and then read first 8 measures 3x

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