Violin Super Advanced Cycle 1

VIOLIN SUP. ADV (Cycle 1): Week #4

List of Goals for the week:

  • D Scale

  • F Scale - In time

  • Kreutzer with Bow Fingers

  • Dynamics - Bow Speed and Pressure

  • Intermezzo - Measures 20-47


This week we reviewed the D Major Scale and put the F Major Scale into time. We reviewed the first measure of Kreutzer with the bow finger exercise. We worked on improving bow control and working on dynamics through different parts of the bow using bow pressure and bow speed. We also reviewed the first 20 measures of the Intermezzo and worked on measures 20-47.

Assignment for next week

Comfortably play the D major scale in 3rd position with solid intonation
Comfortably play the F Major scale in half notes ascending and descending
Comfortably play the first measure of the Kreutzer Etude using only bow fingers
Comfortably play through sheet of bow exercises
Comfortably play notes and rhythms for Intermezzo

How to Practice this at home

Practice D Scale 3x checking in with intonation
Practice F Scale 3x with all correct shifts and finger patterns
Warm up bow finger exercise for 30-60 seconds then play the first measure using only the hand 5x
Go through the first part of bow exercises then pick one exercise from the second half each day
Spend 10-15 minutes reviewing trouble spots from Intermezzo and then run the piece 3x

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