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Voice Advanced: Week #1

List of Goals for the week:

  • Warm Up:  Arpeggios using major and minor.

  • Scale:  The minor scale; minor arpeggios

  • Technique:  Hearing a minor third

  • Repertoire:  “For All We Know”, melody line.

  • Additional Studies:  Intervals studies. What are intervals, their names, and how to hear them.

Hello Advanced singers!  We began class by launching in to learning a song that has a few techniques that are new and a significantly harder than last session:  For All We Know, written in 1934. This is a beautiful tune and presents some challenges with interval jumps we’re not used to, so this will be a fun one to work on!  

Intervals: we practiced hearing and singing intervals.  An interval is the pitch distance between two consecutive notes.  For example, a C (Do) and an E (Mi) are an interval of a Major Third.  Using the C-major scale, we attached a number system to to how to hear them in context.  

C    D E    F G A    B C

1     2 3    4 5 6    7 8

The numbers in the above chart can be used to determine simple intervals!  C and F? It’s a fourth! C and A? A sixth! And so on.  

Assignment for next week

Practice the intervals using the interval drill (also will be posted in week two recap!)

Work on singing For All We Know, which will also be listen in week two, along with a recording.  

How to Practice this at home

As usual, do some vocal warm ups (intentional breathing exercises, scales, followed by some material you know well), and work slowly, thinking very closely about each pitch before you sing it.  You can pause the recording after every new interval to see how you’re doing!

Charts + Sheet Music + Diagrams


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