voice advanced

Voice Advanced: Week #2

List of Goals for the week:

  • Warm Up: Hold triad chord in harmony. Move up and down half steps within a group to hear and experience singing major/minor/diminished/augmented triads.

  • Scale: Chromatic Scale

  • Technique: Hearing a half step

  • Repertoire: Review ‘For All We Know’ melody line and begin harmony work.

Hello! So great to meet you all last night. Really excited to sing with you for the month!

In class, we continued working on ‘For All We Know’, reviewing the melody and focusing on our rhythmic phrasing. How do the entrances line up with the downbeat? What lines are syncopated? We also began working on the lower harmony.

Assignment for next week

Sing through the melody and harmony of ‘For All We Know’. (You can sing along with the recording of Dylan and I singing both parts!)

Try tapping a pulse as you sing and feel how the melody interacts with the beat. Does it lag? Does it push?

How to Practice this at home

Do some light hums to warm up your vocal chords before you launch into singing the song. Sing through the song with the recording, and then try it on your own. If something feels off, try that section again, slowly, and see if you can find your way back before consulting the recording. See if you can identify if it was a question of rhythm, or an interval that threw you off.

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